Hi there!

I'm Hannah. I love Jesus and puppy videos, and I take photos to support my donut habit.

Just kidding (kind of). I actually take photos because I also really love people. :) The best part about photography to me is meeting you - incredible clients, hearing your stories, and helping the best I can to share and to treasure them.

Even though I started this biz, I’m really just one part of a creative duo with my husband, Ryan! He’s my faithful second shooter, an incredibly talented wedding videographer, and a hot wing connoisseur.

We live in northwest Atlanta with our derpy golden retriever, Peaches, and our little Lily girl who was just born in June 2019. :)

I went to Georgia Tech for undergrad, and after a few years in the corporate world, decided to take the plunge into full-time wedding and family photography in 2016. It’s been a whirlwind ever since. But I love that I get to capture beautiful people doing amazing things while running my own business, and still making time to be a friend, wife, mama, daughter, Joanna wannabe, obsessive dog mom, and professional Netflix binger.

And for my fellow nerds out there… enneagram type 2, INFJ. :) In case you were wondering.

I would LOVE to get to know you and talk about taking photos for your family or wedding! Thanks for stopping by!

With love,


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