hot air balloon proposal | chattanooga, tn

When Michael asked me to come to Chattanooga to capture his proposal to Amber and then chase them on a hot air balloon ride, you could say I was excited. I couldn't imagine a more perfect proposal for this adventurous, athletic couple: a once-in-a-lifetime ride over Chattanooga, home of their favorite rocks to climb and coffee shops to peruse. So my husband and I happily took a road trip up for the weekend, and when the time came, we laid sneakily in wait in the tall grass of a field as a crew blew up a massive hot air balloon.

Once they arrived and Michael proposed, it was almost sunset, and he immediately whisked her away into the balloon, and off they went. We followed along in our car on the ground, trying to keep an eye on them in the sky (which was both more difficult and also more magical than you'd think.) When they landed, it was in a random family's front yard - luckily they were very hospitable and quite thrilled to have a giant balloon squishing all their grass. 

I'm so glad I got to be part of this amazing and awe-inspiring day! Major kudos to Michael for setting the proposal standard sky-high for all the other guys out there!