5 reasons to choose me as your wedding photographer

People ask me all the time what the ups and downs of running my own business are, and self-promotion is ALWAYS on my "yuck" list. To be honest, it just feels so awkward! But this is a list I've been wanting to make for a while, because I would want to have something like this to read about a photographer I was considering hiring to shoot my own wedding. I also feel like there's only so much you can know about me through email and a description of my wedding packages, and there's so much more to wedding photographers than the images we deliver. 

This is a huge decision that shouldn't be taken lightly, which I'm sure I don't need to explain to future brides in the throws of wedding planning. There are SO many decisions to make-- I remember when I was planning my own wedding, I eventually just ran out of decision-making steam and started following my first instinct on most things just so I wouldn't have to sleep on it (because sleeping on it was actually taking away a lot of sleep :) ). 

I genuinely hope that each of you reading this who is recently engaged is able to find a photographer who gives you those fuzzy, excited feelings when you look at their images, and also who makes you feel like you can trust them to honor and cherish you, your fiance, your family, and your wedding day almost as much as you do -- no matter who they are. :)

So, here it goes...

5 Reasons why I think you should choose me as your wedding photographer:

1) My style is consistent and you can know what to expect.
I’m comfortable and confident in who I am as a photographer, and I know how to achieve my style. You can trust that in every circumstance, I’m constantly evaluating how to best capture the emotion of your wedding day, and focusing on creating a well-rounded gallery that thoroughly documents the day’s atmosphere — and all in the pretty natural light and soft colors that you can see across my portfolio. My goal in shooting and editing is to create images that are true to life and will stand the test of time as trends evolve and tastes change.

2) Reviews.
I’ve had some pretty rockstar past clients who have repeatedly made my day (cough, year) with their reviews. Go to the Reviews tab on my website to check them out. If you’d like to see them right where they’re posted and with their star ratings, feel free to check out my Hannah Marilyn Photography Facebook page.

3) It’s not about me - it’s about you & your people.
You’ll never catch me with a “me” attitude or a short word on a wedding day. I'm certainly not there for my sake, but I'm really not just there for yours either. What I mean is that, more times than not, the thing that my couples say is one of the things they’re most excited about for the wedding day is just “being with their people.” I not only want to tirelessly serve you and your future hubbs/wife, but also your mom and your sister and your best friend and your other vendors who have all given blood, sweat, and tears to pull off this shindig. You are certainly the one who calls the shots (and has every right to), but you can know that I also want to love whoever you love, appreciate whoever you appreciate, and honor your friends and family, too.

4) I'm a planner at heart.
A few years ago when I left corporate America, I was initially offered a non-photo-related position with a major event planning & wedding venue management company in Atlanta. My first love is, and always was, Excel (*cue the nerd alert... I know*), and creating event timelines and helping to execute them efficiently. When you’re choosing me as a photographer, you’re also choosing someone who would be happy to help you plan out your day (if you want me to) in a way that fits your specific needs and desires, but also runs like a well-oiled machine. I’ve done this thing enough times to have a solid process down for us to go through together to help your day be as breezy as possible, and to allow us enough time to capture all the pretty pictures, but also to give you and your other half a little space to just breathe for a minute on the first day of forever together.

5) Marriage is important to me.
I’ve been married to my best friend for almost four years, and I’ve attended and photographed more weddings than I can count, but a good ceremony still always brings me to tears with ease. I really care about the love being represented on a wedding day, and don’t think it’s possible for it to be overcelebrated. It’s no small thing to be trusted with documenting something so monumental in your and your families’ lives, and it’s something that I don’t ever do flippantly, but with much humility and great joy. :)